THE 300 

In 2004, a group called The Methuselah 300 was created.  Each of these generous individuals have pledged up to $25,000 to help advance the fight against aging. The idea for this group came from the original 300 Spartans who held the pass at Thermopylae in 480 BC against the invading Persian army. Their brave example was a rallying symbol for the people of Greece to continue the fight against the Persian invaders. 

Similarly, The Methuselah 300 have stepped forward to serve as the bold few committed to extending healthy life. They enable progress on four fronts:

  • Venture investments building on past successes (see our progress report), with 100% of returns reinvested into the mission.

  • Prizes that leverage each dollar up to 16 times at no risk, as there’s no award unless the mission-critical result happens.

  • Fiscal sponsorship of high-return projects (e.g., SENS, New Organ, Organ Preservation Alliance, and new efforts underway).

  • Underwriting for scientific research and coordination projects.

The great educational reformer Horace Mann once said we should all “be ashamed to die until we have won some victory for humanity.” 

Victory is in sight. The battle awaits.

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Join the ranks of the 300 to help make 90 the new 50 by 2030

We accept cryptocurrency donations. The addresses for Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) are below.

To be recognized for your cryptocurrency donation or if you want to donate in another type of cryptocurrency just let us know at:


Bitcoin: 1E5EK2KXn2jtDW8ABswjsju6jyq9XgmwrA

Ether: 0x36d51F01f50a78b9B21feBb512090F9AB7dFeCb3

Bitcoin Cash: 1E8RZxo4HAx2cWPfU9A5zkq2YoeEB5c12R

Litecoin: MKkjax2ydvK1Q69k6ekKjGCnpTyM3F1eCw

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ZCash (ZEC): t1eNhNoXQchK63BDA3KGARt7T5aYXdmf4L5

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Ripple: rw2ciyaNshpHe7bCHo4bRWq6pqqynnWKQg
Ripple Tag: 844974663

We accept donations of appreciated stock. To coordinate the transfer of shares please write us an e-mail at:

There are two ways to donate by Credit Card.

To donate by check, please make checks out to Methuselah Foundation and mail to:  8021 Flint St., Springfield, VA 22153

Join the Ranks

Since 2004, scores of dedicated men and women have committed to giving $25,000 over 25 years to help us eradicate needless suffering and the extend healthy human lifespan. While a donor only become a member of The Methuselah 300 once they have donated at least $25,000, many donors are still supporting the cause with their recurring donations as they continue to fulfill their commitment. Our recurring donors are honored in the following list.


RANK: Aspirant   Has Donated between  $0 - $999

RANK: Aspirant

Has Donated between $0 - $999

RANK: Hoplite   Has Donated between  $1k-$9,999

RANK: Hoplite

Has Donated between $1k-$9,999

RANK: Stratego   Has Donated between  $10k - $24,999

RANK: Stratego

Has Donated between $10k - $24,999

RANK: The 300   Has Donated beYOND  $25k+

RANK: The 300

Has Donated beYOND $25k+

The 300 Monument

Just as the original 300 Spartans were later memorialized by a monument at Thermopylae, we have immortalized those who have completed their pledge to the The Methuselah 300 with a beautiful marble monument located on a breathtaking hillside in St. Thomas (U.S.V.I). 

In the following video, the founders of the Methuselah Foundation pay tribute to The Methuselah 300 for continued courage and generosity, which fuels real hope for extended healthy human life.  We welcome you to join us!

Volunteer with Methuselah


Methuselah Foundation is always looking to work with talented, creative, and mission-oriented people. They are the building blocks of our success throughout the past 17 years.   

We are currently looking for volunteers to work with us on a project-by-project basis. The positions we need are:

  • Machine Learning Consultants

  • Artificial Intelligence Developers

  • Web Developers

  • Writers

  • Blockchain Developers

  • Videographers

Please send a paragraph explaining why you are interested in the mission and your resume to: We look forward to hearing from you!

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